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Rhopalostylis sapida (Pitt Island Nikau)

Rhopalostylis sapida (Pitt Island Nikau)

Rhopalostylis sapida var. chathamica
Common names: Pitt Island Nikau, Chatham Island Nikau 

The Pitt Island Nikau is quickly becoming one of our most popular palms. Originating from Pitt Island (Chatham Islands), this variety of Nikau adapts incredibly well to our climate. Our Pitt Island Nikau's are all grown from seed which is sourced from our own mature in ground specimens and we guarantee that they are 100% genuine.

Our Nikau are tolerant of full sun, high wind, cold temperatures & coastal conditions. 

We see at least 3x faster growth rates compared with the mainland Nikau, and our Pitt Island variety are much hardier. 

Our mature in ground specimens are some of the most impressive & spectacular examples of the Nikau around, so if you are looking for the best Pitt Island Nikaus for your garden visit us today. 

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Palm Sizes

Auckland Palm Centre has a wide range of palm tree sizes available.

Why Choose an Auckland
Palm Centre Palm?

Our palms suffer very little stress when transplanted. This is because the root system is mostly contained in the bag, once the bag is removed the roots will spread quickly in their new environment.

Container grown palms are much easier to transplant than field grown speciments - there is no need for heavy machinery to dig the rootballs, they can be easily transported without the need for HIAB trucks. This also makes planting much more cost effective.

We also have a selection of large field grown
specimens available if required.