Landscapers and Developers

Auckland Palm Centre supplies plants to Auckland’s top landscape designers and developers. We have a strong reputation for providing high-quality plants that you can trust will thrive in their new environment, leaving your clients with fantastic new gardens to enjoy.

Our nursery consists of thousands of landscape grade palm trees, cycads and subtropicals.
We grow our palm trees in typical Auckland conditions, mostly in full sun to ensure they do not suffer any setback when planted in their new environment.

Our growing systems are designed so that our palm trees look great and establish quickly from the day they are planted.

The majority of our palms are grown in their own individual bag, we do this for a number of reasons:

    • The palms suffer very little stress when transplanted. This is because the root system is mostly contained in the bag, once the bag is removed the roots will spread quickly in their new environment
    • Container grown palms are much easier to transplant and transport than field-grown specimens – there is no requirement for heavy machinery to dig the root-balls and the palms can be easily transported without the need for HIAB trucks. This also makes the planting process much more cost-effective
    • In planting situations with access problems, large container-grown palms can be planted where field grown specimens cannot
    • We also have a selection of large field-grown specimens available if required


We supply a wide range of sizes and specimens, all grown locally at our nursery in Albany, just
20 mins from the CBD.
To make a trade enquiry, please contact us.